Lemala Northern Serengeti Walking Safaris
In this pristine wilderness blessed with abundant wildlife, your senses, dulled over years by city traffic and lights, are quickly restored to a heightened state as you are gently guided through the bush for an up-close and personal experience. The unspoilt Northern Serengeti presents some of the most interesting, varied and rewarding wilderness areas for walking safaris in the whole of Africa. The highlight of course is the Mara River, where between June and October you have a chance to watch the Wildebeest migration crossings close-up. However, there is much more to this awe-inspiring area. Here you will find magnificent kopjes with huge granite boulders, hidden valleys and hills with stunning vistas of the extensive Mara/Serengeti eco-system.

The aim of our fly camps is to give guests the opportunity to access remote areas in the easiest and most affordable manner with a high level of comfort. The guest tents are dome tents which comfortably accommodate 2 adults. For the more adventurous, there is a star tent where guests can lie in their beds and search the starry sky for far away planets, satellites and shooting stars. The tent is constructed from a mosquito proof netting but a splash sheet is close at hand and easy to put up in the event of rain.

Our walking safaris will take you into the most remote corners of northern Serengeti, giving you the opportunity to explore this area on foot. All our walking safaris are multi-day walks starting with a minimum of a 2 night programme (1 1/2 days walking) to 3 nights (2 1/2 days walking) in the bush. Longer programs are available. In addition to the nights in the fly camp, you will start your trip with a couple of nights in Lemala Mara and you will end with a night in sublime luxury at the Lemala Kuria Hills. You can of course add extra nights here should you wish.

The walking program begins the day with an early wake up and breakfast in camp. Shortly after breakfast, we set out from camp. We carry lunch with us and enjoy it at a scenic stop before continuing the walk aiming to arrive back at camp around 3 o'clock. A late afternoon walk to a nearby scenic area is made even more perfect with sundowner drinks.We have a back up vehicle and small camp crew responsible for moving the camp to new locations and available to guests as an emergency back up. Guests never need to carry more than a day pack. We generally move the camp only on safaris that are longer than 2 nights.

Creatures big or small are explored and discussed in detail on walks, around camp fires, under the stars, and at sunset with a gin and tonic in hand. There is never a dull moment in the wild. Every minute, every hour unravels the joys of the African wilderness in a very profound and intimate way.
  • 2.5 by 2.5m floor space and 2m high
  • 100% insect and water proof
  • solar reading lamp and overhead lamp
  • 6 inch mattress with 100% linen bedding, duvets, sheets and pillow cases
  • bed side tables
  • Separate shared toilet tent and safari shower tent with hot water provided
  • A communal mess tent for dining
  • battery charging facilities available in the vehicle only
  • All house alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks included
  • Children under the age of 6 are not recommended however management reserves the right to accept bookings on prior approvals. (child rates applicable for children aged between 6-16)

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -Laozi