Lemala Cubs

Travelling with kids to Africa may appear to be a daunting prospect. However, in Tanzania and at the Lemala Camps, we offer a wide range of wonderful opportunities for children to experience and enjoy the magic of the Africa bush.

These activities are fun, educational and interesting and ensure that the kids are well entertained and mum and dad can truly relax. Staying with us will be an opportunity to introduce children to the wonders of the African Bush.

As current custodians of Tanzanias wildlife, it is our intention to show future generations the need for conservation and preservation of Africas wildlife. Nothing can prepare a parent for the experience of watching their childs reaction to the first time they catch sight of a lion or a giraffe, or a wild dog for the very first time.

So to play a part in your childs experience and education that covers learning to throw (blunt spears) and use a bow and arrow with the Maasai, or tracking around the camp with our resident guides and making plaster casts of the night visitors spoor, sitting around the camp fire roasting marshmallows, joining in with our guides for early morning game drives, sitting under the Acaccia trees listening to the african fables, or joining the chefs in the kitchen to prepare their childhood favourites and to see their pure delight as they catch creepy crawlies that lurk in the grasslands of the camp. It is something not to be missed and introducing Lemala Cubs throughout our camps is something we are very proud off.